We believe that if given the right environment, every child has the capability of excelling beyond expectations. If provided the tools, the proper community support, and self-confidence, all children will excel. Our students are exposed to a rigorous accelerated academic program; which is designed to teach problem-solving, creativity and higher level thinking skills. Our program is influenced by the world and theories of the renowned Howard Gardener (Multiple Intelligences). All students are assessed at the beginning of each school year, to ensure proper placement and focus on areas of need.

We are preparing our students to be the leaders of tomorrow. The program we offer also aims to teach them to be socially conscious and to give service to their community. Our students are exposed to Technology, Performances (assemblies, classroom presentations), Foreign Languages (Spanish, Mandarin and French), Art, Music (theory, piano, strings and band). Taught by professionally trained musicians, their creativity, leadership and talents are fostered. All our students are nurtured, motivated and challenged to reach their full potential.

Pre-K (Toddlers through Pre-k 4)

The curriculum for the school year is easily accessible and is posted in the Parents’ Corner. It covers the skills and concepts in Language Arts and Math, Multi-Culture, Science and Character Development. Other activities are Foreign Language (Spanish/French), Art, Centers of Interest and Music (Singing & Rhythm Band) and Physical Education. While being developmentally appropriate, our Pre-k program is very structured and teachers are encouraged to cater to the needs and interest of their class in their own creative way.

Grade School (K through 5th)

The Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) is administered yearly and students are required to score at least two levels above their current class for placement in the upper class. Parents are given the results at the end of the school term. Report Cards are given out three times a year and parents must attend Parent Teachers’ conferences to keep abreast of their child’s progress. Parents are also welcome to speak to their child’s teacher if they have any questions or concerns about their progress. Class Dojo and weekly Parent Packs are our main form of communication between teachers and students. It is imperative that Parent Teacher communication is established to ensure that the child is on course and understands what is expected of him/her in the classroom. All grade school classrooms are equipped with Smart boards and students are encouraged to use them for all core subjects, Character Development and Multi-Cultural Presentations.

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