Dear Prospective Parent for the 2018-2019 school year:

I am delighted that you are considering CambriaCenter for the Gifted Child.

We offer Open House meetings as a mandatory part of our Admissions process to facilitate your needs in learning more about our institution.  We know that each family has individual concerns as they attempt to determine the appropriate environment for their child.  Understanding such, CCGC has numerous unique strengths that emerge from our philosophy and traditions.  It is no small effort to match the needs of a family to the school that will most adequately meet those requirements.

Applications have always outnumbered our available openings but we encourage each and every family interested to submit an application, as we consider them all with equal importance.  Because our registration procedure involves several steps, we have outlined them below. Our Admissions process is on a rolling basis – qualified applicants are accepted as they apply until our classes have reached their limit. As openings may close early, we urge you to attend an Open House in a timely manner.


1. Open House – Please reserve in advance (if you have not done so already) by calling 718-341-1991 x230. It is not necessary to bring the applicant. Applications will be distributed.

2. Complete the application and return to the school, along with the non-refundable application fee ($75 check or money order).  Grade school applicants must also send a copy of their most recent report card. UPK applicants are not required to give an application fee.

3. Once you submit the application, the following will be scheduled:

a)      Toddlers (2 year olds born in 2016) and Three Year Olds (born in 2015) will be enrolled for September, pending 4-week summer observation and assessment.

b)      Four Year Olds and Kindergarten students will be invited to spend a day. Following, contracts will be distributed. Students will return during Testing Week in March for a half hour assessment and personal interview. *UPK students will be tested separately in February.*

c)      Testing and observation for Grade school (Grades 1-5) applicants will begin immediately. Students must spend the entire school day. Upon placement and return of contract, personal interviews will follow.

4. Remember: The enrollment deposit (see fee schedule) and contracts are due in order to hold the space for your child.

5. All PreK – Kindergarten applicants are required to attend at least four weeks of the 6-week summer sessions.  Summer sessions will run from June 25 – August.

We look forward to meeting you and assisting you in your school search.

Sheree Palmer